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Hey Your Line Is Showing

Tis the season Ladies… The season when many, and I do mean MANY of you, show your lines!!!!  UGH!!  For the love of Max Factor you’re killing me!!!!  Can we please have a side bar about foundation?!?!  No seriously…. Get you butt over here!

Here’s the deal, I love you BUT friends don’t let other friends show their foundation lines.

Spring has finally sprung, and we are starting to venture outside again and our pasty white skin has begun to get color.  Or If you are like me, you have busted out your self tanner and have begun lathering your body from head to toe.  Either way your face has entered into that awkward transitional phase, of where you’re not exactly lily-white but, you’re not that golden bronze beach goddess either,  and there in lies the dilemma…  Because you still continue to use your winter color foundation…. WHY?

For those of you right now that are saying to yourself, I use the same foundation twelve months out of the year. We need to have a more serious conversation later.

Ladies I understand, it’s hard to justify buying an entire bottle of foundation for a color that you will only need one, maybe four months out of the year. Yes remember we have the fall too 🙂 But PLEASE either break down and buy the drug store foundation that will get you by, or blend blend blend AND, don’t forget about your bronzer.

Deep breath… Coming down from my rant…. Okay Let’s chat tips and tricks to help our foundation during this time:

1. The EASIEST solution is the obvious, buy a freaking bottle of foundation that matches. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just get one that matches.

*** REMEMBER***   Ladies when you go to buy foundation,  you want to match the color of  the foundation with the color of your neck. This is One of the most important tips I can give you. COLOR MATCH TO YOUR NECK,  NOT FACE.  But why you ask? I have always been told to match to my face. Well I’m here to tell you that they lied. Let’s use me for example, I have very dry skin so I exfoliate my skin often and therefore, my face is usually a lot lighter than my neck. If I were to color match to my face then, when I apply the foundation it will still be a different color than my neck. But if I match to the color of my neck, then when I apply the foundation, I will not have an EVIL line and my face and neck will look seamless.  Stop it Right now, it’s that easy you say!!!!  Yes MATCH TO YOUR NECK!!! Say it with me…. I will match my foundation to my neck.

Not a Win

2. If you absolutely refuse to buy another foundation color, then run the foundation down your neck to your clavicle so there will not be a break from your face to your neck.  Remember SEAMLESS!!!

3.  If you suffer from white face and dark neck, aka two-tone  like I do, then run a little bronzer down your neck so you are blending the two colors together.

4. Last but not least BLEND BLEND BLEND your foundation into your skin.  This is where technique is extrememly important in the application, by blending the foundation into your skin, it will provide a gradual transition from your face to your neck.   See my post on Sponge Yo Face for technique here.

There’s really no excuse for me to see your line, However…..

Because we are friends I thought I would share, proof that I recently had fallen victim to the two-tone face/neck.  I was trying to snap a pic, of my new lippie (which you can read about in my post  Lip… Lip… Lippies )  when I realized I was not rocking the seamless look.

I am so Ashamed 😦


This is My Two Cents, You Keep the Change!