Stop It!! Q-Tips that Remove Makeup!!!

Ummm not sure why I’m just discovering these now but, man am I excited!!!!
Sephora’s Targeted Eye Remover Swabs are Awesome!!! These little guys do exactly what their name says AND they do it well!!!


Simply break the tip with the blue line and the remover floods the other end.

These babies are absolutely perfect for removing the stubborn mascara, that has been left behind after washing your face OR touch ups when your eyeliner line is not so perfect.

But wait there’s more, the remover inside, these little darlings, contains the ingredient Procapil which promotes lash growth.

Need I say more!!!


Cost: $9 Smackers

Where to buy: Sephora

Here’s My Two Cents, You Keep the Change.


2 thoughts on “Stop It!! Q-Tips that Remove Makeup!!!”

  1. That’s cool. I didn’t know about those. How about you tell us about eyeliner…goes with those falsies you know. Older eyes may not use the same liner as younger eyes? (I am your mama’s age :)) Help?

    1. Hi Jan!
      Eyeliner and foundation are my favorite topics in life. I have some eyeliner brand reviews coming up soon but if your looking for application I think I’m going to wait till I get a new video camera. Which should be hopefully soon.
      Also when I do the reviews I haven’t forgot about my fine wines (mature women) I have my mom testing some stuff now to ensure your getting your two cents worth!
      How did the falsie application go?

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