Falsie Part 2 is Coming Guys Promise!!!

Let me begin this story by saying that my intent for this post was to video it because, that just made the best logical sense. Right…..

Ugh! Well…. after an EPIC fight with my video camera, we have decided to part ways.    I just can’t be in a relationship, when the other party won’t do what it is suppose to do, like record!!!  😦

Broken mass digital cameras  on a garbage dump

Instead of  you  guys waiting for me to purchase a new video camera and holding up the process, we are just going to kick with pictures, cause that’s Fun!!!

By the way feel free to give me your two cents on video cameras because, it looks like I’ll be shopping for a new one.

Short Story, Long Falsie Part 2 is coming I promise.  I should have it up, latest tomorrow sometime.






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