Scrub-A-Dub-Dub that Miracle Sponge

Okay it’s been 72 hours since my first post and,  I am assuming that all of you have ran out and purchased the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, if not then seriously… What are you waiting for?  You are going to have to keep up with the class.

Now  for those of you who have this AMAZING sponge, by the way You’re Welcome, it’s time to make sure that thing stays clean. What you have clean it?   Ummm yes……  People though it is a miracle and the best thing ever, it’s still a dang SPONGE!

I recommend you clean it at least once a week and, the best way is with this nifty little product, Solid by Beauty Blender.   OMG Jessie!  you just told us,  in your last blog, that we didn’t want the Beauty Blender.  I know but, that was the sponge, as far as cleaner goes Beauty Blender has it hook line and sinker.  Remember we have to give credit where credit is due.



The Solid’s purpose, is actually for cleaning your beauty sponges and makeup brushes on the road.  But I am here to say that it is not just for travel my friends, and it’s definitely not just for sponges.  This little Solid wonder not only cleans the sponge, pretty dang well but, it kicks butt on all my makeup brushes.  No Joke!!!

Now I love me some MAC Makeup but, where I live I have to travel into the city to go to a MAC counter and sometimes, well crap most of the time, I just can’t seem to make it that far….   I would get so stressed out when I started running low on my MAC Brush Cleaner because, I knew I was going to have to get my butt into the City and, well if I’m going to go to MAC I might as well go to MAC Pro, in the mall and well… Then that is and expensive City trip.

Old Fave


But then I found the little Solid that could, at the Sephora in my town :).

Now I feel I should mention here, for some of my more experienced makeup peeps, that I still use MAC Brush Cleaner if I need to clean my brush and, then use it right after.  However, if you are rookie to the makeup world or just don’t want a lot of crap, then the Solid is all you need.

I like to think of the Solid as a bar of soap in a soap dish.  When using this on a brush, you would just get the the hair portion of the brush wet and then swirl it against the solid aka soap.  Then agitate the brush against a clean surface,  I usually wash my hands and use the palm of my hand to sud it up then rinse the product out and Done!  Seriously so easy….


Sponge Application:  Get the entire sponge wet and swirl the sponge against the solid to pick up the product.  Then sud it up under water and begin squeezing out all the foundation. Repeat until the water runs clear when you squeeze the sponge out and let it dry over night.

Cost:  $15.95 a tad pricey but well worth it.

Where to Buy:  There is a JCPenney that has a Sephora in it, close to my house and, I buy mine there.  However, Ulta does not carry the Beauty Blender line so don’t go there.



Here’s my 2 cents and now you can Keep the Change!



Sponge Yo Face

Okay let’s jump right into it shall we…  Raise you’re hand if you are still applying you foundation with your hand or brush?  Okay Ladies, I going to need you to cease and desist immediately!!! YES IMMEDIATELY!!!

May I introduce to you the Miracle Complexion Sponge by Real Techniques!



This $6.00 Wonder is a stroke of Genius!  In the spirit of full disclosure this sponge is a copy cat of the very over priced Beauty Blender sponge.


However Real Techniques (RT) version,accomplished the very difficult task of improving product from the original.  The Miracle Complexion Sponge not only kicks the Beauty Blenders Ass but, it’s WAY cheaper.  Beauty Blend sells for $20 which is stupid and RT’s sponge sells for $6.  Six Freaking Dollars ladies. Seriously this should be the end of the conversation…..

Okay application…. Listen if your current foundation application is working for you then great.  Stop reading now… However if you want a very natural and airbrush look to your face then, keep reading baby!!

Not only is a good foundation a key essential to makeup (which I have tones of opinions on) but, the way you are applying it, is also key.  If you are using your hand then you are dumb.  Yes I said dumb.  Why would you touch your face with your hands?  Do you know where they have been?  Also your hands end up absorbing about as much product as your face!  And guarantee you are using way too much.  For my brush peeps out there. Yes brushes are great!  I was using one up until a month ago however, no matter how hard you try you still get strokes and for my rookie makeup peeps you can still over use.

The RT Miracle Complexion Sponge corrects all that.  It not only blends but it does the blending for you.  So now all of my two toned ladies with dark faces and white necks have a fighting chance in the blending world.  You want to use the flat and arched side to blend the your foundation in, the sides of the flat surface are perfect for getting around the nose and lips. Then use the pointy end to do your concealer.  It’s a one stop shop!!!

Listen I can go on and on for days about this amazing sponge but, how about you live on the edge and go buy it. IT’S $6 FREAKING DOLLARS!!!  And then you can thank me afterwards.  You now know where to find me.


Application – Get the entire sponge wet then squeeze out all the water.  Place some foundation on the back of your hand and take the flat surface of the sponge and dip it into the foundation.  Then begin patting away.  PATTING I SAY!!!  Do not Rub!!!

Cost:  If you haven’t been following along $6 dollars

Where to buy:  I have only  been able to find it at Ulta however I know the Real Techniques line is sold at Walmart and Khol’s. I have also provided the RT website.

Real Techniques

Here’s my 2 cents and now you Keep the Change!!!!